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The house is located only 1000 meters from the beach, in the historical center of the city of Sanlúcar, in the province of Cadiz, 30 km from Jerez, at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, on the border of the Doñana National Park, and one hour from Seville. The house offers the possibility of staying surrounded by all kinds of singularities, works of art, and the unmistakable taste of the South.


More than 900 square meters full of Mensaque tiles, and airs of 187. The facade is a faithful example of regionalist architecture in the purest Anibal Gonzalez style. The Casa Bolsa 43 is without a doubt the best way to get to know Cádiz and Sanlúcar de Barrameda, whether during the horse races, the fair, or Holy Week. A place full of details that will surprise you.

Taste of south



Our rooms have all the details to make your stay the best experience. Decorated with a personal touch and a lot of charm, they will make you feel very welcome. In addition, from your room you will go to Plaza Cabildo, pedestrian streets full of life, restaurants and bars in less than two steps. The best that Sanlúcar has to offer is just a simple tour from your room.



Lounges with sofas to relax, decorated with the best taste will make you feel at home. An interior patio and a small terrace will complement your experience and you can relax after a long day of sightseeing or beach.



The fish and seafood of Sanlúcar, and among them their famous langoustines, have a reputation that has transcended our borders. This success is due to their own qualities of taste and texture, as well as the simple way they are cooked and presented.

The langoustines from Sanlúcar de Barrameda are one of the most renowned gastronomic treasures of the province of Cádiz and Spain. Moreover, the products themselves are as famous as the dishes made with them, forming its culinary base rich stews with authentic seafood flavor as sour orange skate, fried monkfish, galley soup, etc.



Sanlúcar is located within the so-called 'crianza' of Jerez. Manzanilla is Sanlúcar's own wine and is one of the most representative types of sherry.

In addition to Manzanilla, Bodegas Sanlúcar produces all the types of wine which make up the range of sherries, such as Amontillados, Olorosos, Palos Cortados, Moscateles, Creams, as well as Brandies and Ponches. Recently, excellent young table wines are being marketed which follow careful selection systems and careful winemaking.



La Colonia, also known as “La Algaida” (or Monte Algaida) is a town in Sanlúcar de Barrameda mainly dedicated to farming. It receives the name of Colonia, since its birth is due to a repopulation project from the beginning of the 20th century. There were grown mainly potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, peas, watermelons, pumpkins, melons, vines, carrots, beets and other vegetables typical of the Navazos. Today its production is expanded with floriculture.

In view of the richness of our agriculture, fine sand crops are very important, a distinctive sign and identity of our agricultural production.


Sanlúcar is a city full of living history. It has emblematic buildings with an incredible past, as well as temples, wineries and palaces. In particular, the Castle of Santiago, the Ducal Palace of the Medina Sidonia or the Churches of Santo Domingo are visits that your eyes cannot miss.


The location of the accommodation is exceptional, a few steps from the center of Sanlucar but in a quiet place that allows rest. The decoration of the space and the harmony of it make the place very cozy and charming.

Fernando del Valle

"A charming place, with an unbeatable location, super quiet and with a lot of privacy."

Katherine Aguirre


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